Renter Inspections

Why would you want a Rental Inspection?……

Ideal for property managers, or renters who wish to record the condition of a rented residence when a tenant moves in and again when the tenant moves out.
Protects both tenants and landlords by clearly documenting the condition of the rental property.
Offers a detailed, customizable checklist to ensure both leassee and lessor are safe.

True Story.

Gabby and her 8 year old son were looking to rent a home. She found the ideal home and put down a deposit and her 1st and last month’s rent.

1 week later one of the bathroom’s toilet’s started leaking flooding the bathroom and adjacent rooms. Unfortunately it wasn’t just water but backed up sewage…

Almost a week after that she and her son started coughing and feeling like they had allergies or a cold. It turns out one of her neighbors came over, looked around and went into the kitchen pantry. He hammered into the drywall and out came black mold.

Since Gabby’s landlords lived across the country and could only speak broken English they didn’t offer a lot of help. Gabby had her son stay at a friend’s house and after not getting anywhere with her landlord hired a handyman to come out and tear out the kitchen walls where there was more black mold and also the leaky pipe connected to the bathroom leak that occurred the week prior..

If Gabby had known that she could have prevented all of this from a simple Rental Inspection (approx… $265) she could have saved her time and her money and looked for a “healthier home”.