Slab-2-Shingles Home Watch Services


Southwest Florida is a special place to own a home and for those left vacant for extended periods there is a definite need for a home watch service to protect your investment and give you peace of mind.



Slab-2-Shingles will conduct a visual inspection of the exterior and interior of your home for obvious issues or concerns that may occur while you are away.  We visit every 8 to 11 days and can tailor the inspection list to your needs.  Frequent inspections are recommended since it only takes a few days for a small issue to become a major problem.

Problems such as roof leaks, plumbing failures, rodent and insect infestation, odors, forced entry or vandalism can occur anytime.  Additionally, mold and mildew can grow quickly resulting in expensive damage and serious health hazards.

If these are not discovered in a timely basis things can quickly get out of hand. Slab-2-Shingles will be that “watchful eye while you’re away”… performing a 15 point visual inspection (exterior and interior) of your home.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you at your home to present our home caretaking program.  Please contact us for an initial consultation at your convenience.


Why do I need to have a home watch service?

My neighbor, friend, or cleaning lady watches my home while I’m away.

Family and neighbors are often very busy with their lives and may forget or may not know what to check for when walking through the house. They may not be as thorough as a professional home watch business.
The cleaning lady specializes in cleaning of your home only. The cleaning lady may not be properly licensed, bonded and insured to conduct house watch checks on your home. Using the cleaning lady to check your home instead of a professional home watch business is like saying a dentist is performing an open heart surgery instead of a heart surgeon.

Why should I use Slab-2-Shingles Home Watch Services?

Trustworthy and Reliable

Highly Recommended

Access to Extra Services

Thorough and Timely

What if Slab-2-Shingles Home Watch Services observes an issue or problem which needs immediate attention?

Notify the Homeowner Immediately…

2 Slab-2-Shingles has vendors for every issue or project.