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Wind Mitigation

windmitigationAs a homeowner with windstorm insurance, Florida law entitles you to premium reductions for certain building features that reduce damage during high wind events. These discounts are justified because stronger, more wind-resistive structures have fewer windstorm-related losses, which mean reduced costs to insurance companies.

Most existing homes have one or more construction features that will qualify for windstorm insurance premium discounts. According to the Florida Department of Financial Services, the average homeowner will save 22-45% with a properly completed Wind Mitigation inspection.


Click here to read more from the State of Florida CFO website.

Wind Mitigation Inspection

With storm risk being so much of a part of the Florida lifestyle, it is easy to see why the government would require insurance companies to give you a break if your house can withstand the wind storms better then, let’s say your neighbors. To that end, the State of Florida mandates discounts for certain building practices. The wind mitigation inspection is your opportunity to take advantage of these potential discounts.

The typical wind mitigation inspection only takes 45 minutes to an hour and includes looking at inside structure elements and attachments as well as outside parts of your building systems. We would really like to get these discounts for you!

The following features qualify for a Windstorm Mitigation insurance

  • Roof coverings that meet the 2001 Florida Building Code requirements
  • Newly constructed homes that meet the 2001 Florida Building Code
  • Roof sheathing (plywood) that have been installed with large, closely spaced nails
  • Hurricane clips/straps that hold the roof structure to the walls

We are licensed by the State of Florida to perform these inspections and certify a report which documents the mitigations features present in your home. Your insurance carrier will then discount your windstorm policy, as required by Florida law.

Windstorm inspections look for construction features that have been shown to reduce losses in hurricanes, such as a hip roof, concrete block construction, the presence of gable end bracing, shutters and opening protections, the presence of roof to wall attachments such as toe nails, clips or hurricane straps, and the presence of a secondary water resistance barrier.

To schedule a Wind Mitigation inspection call Slab-2-Shingles 239.262.0058

Slab-2-Shingles is a Home inspection company in Naples Florida. We specialize in inspections for the insurance industry (wind mitigation inspection, 4-point inspection). By simply contacting slab 2 Shingles, LLC, we can determine whether or not you are eligible for discounts that can save you up to 40% off your windstorm insurance.

A Windstorm Mitigation Inspection is a valuable inspection service that may reduce the windstorm portion of your homeowners insurance. Insurance discounts are available for building features that reduce damage during high wind events. The discounts are justified because stronger, more wind-resistive structures have lower windstorm losses, which mean reduced costs to insurance companies. Most existing structures have one or more wind resistive construction features and may qualify for some insurance discounts.

Florida state law mandates that every insurance company offer qualifying customers a discount on homeowners insurance. What’s the catch? There isn’t one. All you have to do is have a wind loss mitigation survey performed on your home and sit back and wait to see what your savings will be. Savings are not guaranteed, but according to insurance experts, most homeowners can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year.

Four Point Inspection – 4 Point

The Four Point Insurance Inspection was created after Hurricane Andrew struck Florida in 1992. It is performed on behalf of the insurance companies and, typically, as a requirement for the insurer offering insurance to the new homeowner. After the past years barrage of tropical storms in Florida, the Four Point Insurance Inspection has taken on added importance. As insurance companies are beginning to see the benefit of the inspection, the program is spreading to other areas of the country. The benefit to the insurance company is, obviously, reduced loss risk on homeowner’s insurance policies. This is an area of business that has, for many years, been a money loser for insurance companies.

The Four Point Insurance Inspection consists of a visual survey of the following four primary components:

  • Roof
  • Electrical
  • HVAC (Heat, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)
  • Plumbing