Years ago, home inspections were unheard of in residential Real Estate Transactions.

Home inspections for real estate transactions

Years ago, home inspections for Real Estate Transactions of residential homes were unheard of. Instead, buyers simply relied on their own impressions of the home and the representations of the seller’s real estate agent. Today, the process is dramatically different. Most real estate purchase contracts give the buyer fairly broad rights to order one or more professional inspections of the home before completing the purchase.

home inspection insights

Home Inspections help all parties involved in a Real Estate Transaction. The buyer gets an independent assessment of the condition of the house, from inside and outside, and top to bottom. There is a hidden benefit to an inspection, namely that if you buy the house, and you will know where things are such as turning off the main water in case of a leak. The Seller can rest assured he is selling a quality home and won’t be a cause for future legalese. The Realtor will also be knowledgeable about what he/she is selling to their client and keep their client from making a bad investment.

This is really not the time to find a “cheap and quick” inspection, but to hire a licensed professional with many years of experience. We at Slab 2 Shingles do not want to get involved in your Real Estate deal but we do want to make sure the Buyer is aware of current problems and ones that could be lurking down the road.

We can keep the buyer with a few major facets in their negotiations such as help with pricing, identifying defects with the repair costs that will be needed in the future and lastly and most importantly Buyer Confidence in that the client can be sure of themselves when purchasing.