Chinese Drywall Inspections

Chinese Drywall

From 2004 through 2006, after hurricane Katrina and other storms, the strain on the supply of American-made drywall required many builders to resort to international suppliers in order to fill demand. As a result, many distributors imported from the Knauf Tianjin company. It is alleged that this issue effects more than 200,000 sheets of drywall used to make homes between 2004 and 2006.

This drywall has waste materials in it that contain iron sulfide and other sulfides. The Humidity in the air causes the sulfur in the drywall to give off a gas which smells like rotten eggs.

Not only is the smell a problem but it can also corrode copper plumbing used in most building materials and can cause air conditioning to fail, but can also cause bathroom and kitchen faucets and drains to tarnish. Some believe there is also a health risk to living with Chinese Drywall but there is no definitive connection at this time.

Some warning signs that you have Chinese Drywall:

Failure of information displays on TVs, DVD players, radios and microwaves
Light bulbs burning out at a faster rate
Silver jewelry and utensils may be tarnished
Failure of satellite TV receivers

The only solution for Chinese Drywall is to strip the house down to the frame and replace the drywall.