What an Inspection Is and What It Is Not!

An Inspection is a report done by a professional licensed and insured inspector, usually prior to the purchase of a new home. An Inspection points out any obvious defects in the property that the average home buyer, although may not be able to see themselves, would be expected to know based on their ability to inspect prior to the purchase and due diligence duty. A responsible new home buyer doing their due diligence has the home inspected to discover possible issues that will need to be addressed prior to the homes purchase such as roof repairs, structural repairs, foundational issues, safety issues and to discover the condition of appliances, windows, HVAC systems, electrical systems, plumbing, attics, etc. In addition, a new home buyer may request mold and radon testing to insure the home is safe to inhabit as well as any mitigation measures that may be necessary to fix existing issues prior to the purchase. It is also a good idea to have pools checked out and a pest inspection done. A savvy home buyer will take these precautions and schedule their testing and inspections, prior to the purchase of a home because he knows that once the sale is complete these problems will be his to fix and on his dime. In this way, he is able to discover the true cost of owning the home before he agrees to the purchase. A homebuyer who does not do their due diligence and does not have an inspection as well as any necessary testing done, prior to the purchase, will later be surprised with additional costs he did not plan or allocate funds for. A home inspection however, is not a to do list, it is a list of problems that should be considered when determining a fair price to be paid for a home based on its actual condition. Sometimes buyers can contract to have repairs done prior to closing as part of the agreement on the seller’s dime. It is important to talk to your realtor about having an inspection done and to determine if it might be possible to get repairs either completed by the seller or a reduction in the price based on repair estimates for certain items. If you’re buying a new home protect your family and your investment by having an inspection and necessary testing done prior to the purchase!

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