John Martindale of Longshore Lakes was Impressed with the Home Inspection

Finding Hidden Leaks Using Mirrors

John Martindale hired Slab 2 Shingles to do an inspection for a home in Longshore Lakes.

He was very pleased with the results and his 35 page report. What most pleased him is that the inspection found a leak in a water heater that couldn’t be seen without expert knowledge of the inspectors by using mirrors.

He was impressed with the thoroughness of the report, which included all aspects of the home, from appliances, to roofs, and baseboard. Pictures were included to show areas of concern.

Slab 2 Shingles brought comfort to John by knowing what needs to be done to bring his home to top condition, and have no surprises.

John Martindale – Longshore Lakes

Doug Shray Had Peace of Mind from Home Inspection

Peace of Mind in Making a Buying Decision

Doug Shray lives in Quail Creek Village and was looking at purchasing a home, but wanted assurance that he was making a wise buying decision and not getting a house with problems. He decided a home inspection service was needed to confirm he was making a good investment.

Shray was impressed with the home inspection he received from Slab 2 Shingles.

In addition to the physical inspection, he was given a 40 page report It gave him a great piece of mind. He was impressed when he saw all of the people that were involved with inspection.
The report included areas such as plumbing, issues in the attic, the roof, electrical issues, appliances, and even the pool.

The report gave him the ability to prioritize what should be done to make a decision.

Doug Shray Talks about the Details of the Home Inspection