Four Point Inspections

A four-point Inspection is often a requirement when obtaining a new homeowners insurance policy or renewing an existing policy.

After hurricane Andrew in Florida, insurance companies in Florida have been trying to encourage home owners to make their homes safer and reduce insurance claims. Many of the insurance companies and JUA (Joint Underwriting Association) now request a Four Point Inspection. Continue reading

Condo Inspections

A Condominium Inspection is not as detailed as a Single Family Home Inspection but it is just as important!

With a Condo Inspection most of it is looking at the structure, mechanics, electric, plumbing and systems inside the particular unit. Continue reading

Closing Inspections

Prior to closing on a property the home buyer or a representative for the home buyer should conduct a pre-closing inspection. 

This is when to take the prior home inspection list and make sure all of the items have either been addressed or fixed. Slab 2 Shingles will do this for a nominal fee at the Buyer’s Request. Continue reading

Chinese Drywall Inspections

Chinese Drywall

From 2004 through 2006, after hurricane Katrina and other storms, the strain on the supply of American-made drywall required many builders to resort to international suppliers in order to fill demand. As a result, many distributors imported from the Knauf Tianjin company. It is alleged that this issue effects more than 200,000 sheets of drywall used to make homes between 2004 and 2006. Continue reading

Air Quality Inspections

Slab-2-Shingles Air Quality division compliments our Home Inspection division by offering specialized services related to air quality. 

Years of experience in the home inspection industry along with training and experience have made us the industry leader in indoor air quality testing. By allowing Slab-2-Shingles to test your home for mold and radon, you will be assured peace of mind in knowing what exactly is in your home. Continue reading