Irma still causing damage with Mold

Mold Problems As A Result Of Irma

It has been over a year since Irma landed here in Southwest Florida. Slab-2-Shingles is seeing a lot of mold issues caused from small amounts of water getting into the home. In most cases this water has been unnoticed and/or untreated for over a year, therefore, creating the perfect conditions for mold spores to form.

Four Things Mold Needs To Grow

  1. First, mold needs organic matter to use for food. Drywall, wood and carpet in your home serve as excellent food.
  2. Second, like everything living the spores need moisture. It is important to keep water out of your home since it needs water to grow.
  3. Third, mold needs warm temperature like the inside of your walls.
  4. Lastly, it needs oxygen to breath.

Mold In Your Home

Mold is in the air! There is always mold in the air. It is almost impossible to have a 100% spore free test result. It is only in high concentrations that the mold spores become harmful. Your home only needs the water to get onto the organic material like drywall or wood beams. Once the moisture collects, the combination of  poor ventilation and high humidity create the perfect environment.

High Winds

The high winds from Irma forced water into a lot of homes. Even if your roof does not have an active leak water may have gotten into your home. The winds where so strong and carried large amounts of water. Our inspectors are seeing more and more cases of water in walls and attics. These are homes that did not show any signs of an active leak. When their roof is inspected the inspectors see signs where water has entered the home.

Mold Remediation

Slab-2-Shingles can conduct an air quality inspection to test for mold spores. We also are experienced in mold remediation. No matter what your mold issues are you can count on us! Our team is professional and just as concerned with your family’s health. You can call our office at 239-262-0058 and schedule an air quality test or remediation.

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