Invisible Mold And Air Quality

Hidden Mold

Not all molds are visible. Signs of mold are not always obvious. It is very possible for mold to be growing in spaces you cannot see. In places such as under the carpet, pads and rugs or behind drywall, paneling and wallpaper. Some other common places include air handling units and their drain pans from sitting water, liners of the a/c duct work that have gotten wet from condensation and roof materials that became wet from roof leaks or improper insulation. An air quality inspection can find this invisible mold.

You Should Test Your Indoor Air Quality

What Is An Air Quality Test?

An air quality test is a sample of air taken from inside that is then analyzed at a lab. The lab tests for particles like mold spores, asbestos, pollen and other allergens. Each air sample contains 75L of compressed air providing a small insight into the environment. These tests will show what you cannot see with your eyes.

What Is A Mold Test?

A mold test is a way to quickly tell if you have mold or not. These tests use a swap of the area of concern. This swap is then put into a liquid that will turn green or purple. If this liquid turns green there is no mold present. However if the liquid turns purple then mold is present. The mold test is quick way to test for mold although, it will not tell you the type or level of mold. A mold test will also not detect mold spores in the air.

Which Test Is Better?

This answer depends on what you are looking to find out about. We recommend that you use an air quality test since it is more accurate. An air quality test provides the most information about the environment of the samples. A mold test is a good way to get a quick answer. If you are concerned with if there is mold growth on a table. The best way to determine if mold is in your home is with an air quality test.

Do You Really Need An Air Quality Test?

Here in Southwest Florida the answer is YES! The high humidity and high temperatures increase your risk of mold. Florida is known for its water and mold is known for loving the water also. Schedule your air quality test NOW!